The most dumbfounding occasion throughout the entire existence of the settlement of "Fiaxor"- was the experience

In the late seventeenth century maybe the most dumbfounding occasion throughout the entire existence of the settlement of Fiaxor Formally known as Keteklebi was the experience with the lion of Dahomey. It happened that the King Of Dahomey, Dahomɛ Kundo needed to stifle and add-on Anlo land to his realm through military assault. To leave on this tactical adventure effectively, a few ceremonies must be performed. A man and lady were changed into a Lion and a Leopard separately by mystical forces. 

The undertaking of these creatures was to travel through all pieces of Anlo land. The fundamental point of this ceremonial was that should the creatures desolate Anlo effectively and return to Dahomey safe, then, at that point, Dahomɛ Kundo's Army could quell Anlo without any problem. The creatures came through Anlo land yet the Leopard as per oral history was said to have been killed at Adzato region. The Lion at last got back to Dahomey safe. Individuals were quite invigorated that they could overcome Anlo without any problem. 

Scarcely any days to the day of undertaking to Anlo land, a cleric in Dahomey counseled King Kundo, and educated him the disclosure he got from his Afa prophet. It was then found that the Lion didn't go into every one of the towns of Anlo. One vital town was forgotten about and that was Fiaxor. The Lion was sent the subsequent opportunity to visit Anlo and particularly Fiaxor. 

Torgbui Tette Devi, an individual from the Dzevia tribe of Anlo, who was additionally the ahakua (wine specialist) Of Torgbui Nyigbla, the champion lord of Anlo State. Torgbui Gawu was blamed for gaining such a lot of mystical forces and on that record was alleviated of his administrations as the ahakua. Subsequently, he left Anloga and settled at Fiaxor. 

It was during Torgbui Gawu's advanced age when the puzzling lion of Dahomey showed up at Fiaxor to achieve its main goal. It laid trap on the eastern flank of the town where individuals were doing their "distin" promptly toward the beginning of the day. A young lady at first light went over the Lion and fled, run straight into a room having a place with Heʋi ( child of Gawu). The lion surged frantically and followed her into the room, the young lady withdrew quick, while Heʋi, amazed, took a short time to understood the seriousness of the circumstance. A Lion! He leaped out and banged the entryway behind the wild monster. The Lion was perfectly caught, openings were made in the cover rooftop and weapon shots came down on the Lion however without any result. The slugs couldn't enter the skin of the Lion. The main way left was to consume the Lion along with Heʋi's assets. 

At this crossroads, the oldman, Torgbui Gawu Tette Devi, came out from his space to ask the justification behind the ruckus. On knowing about the Lion, he requested the way to be opened so he could confront the lion exposed gave. Nobody could submit to such madness. He went to the entryway in the midst of fights and opened it. The lion bounced on him however he slapped it and every one of its teeth dissipated. He snatched the lion and eliminated its hooks in a steady progression. The lion acted like a little sheep, it could neither battle from the hands of Torgbui Gawu nor do him any damage. At the point when he was done, he delivered the lion. It ran stunningly attempting to escape as men terminated flintlock at it. The slugs after that difficulty, infiltrated its skin and it laid there unmoving. It was left where it felt, and deteriorated. Part of the remaining parts( the skin) is as yet kept with Torgbui Zoiku stool. Torgbui Zoiku is the Đufia of Fiaxor

The sculpture of Torgbui Gawu was raised at the specific area he vanquished the Lion. 

In my next piece I'll discuss the outcast of Torgbui Adzanu, the sixth inhabitant of the Awomefia Stool and the third from the Batɛ Clan to Fiaxor

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