Significant other have been proclaimed blameless and have since been absolved from all charges

 Significant other have been proclaimed blameless and have since been absolved from all charges connecting them to cheating the National Lotteries Commission. 

The famous gospel artist took to web-based media to share the authority archive from the court alongside a basic message that peruses; Morning Fam. The magnificence of in all actuality it cannot be changed Today we were absolved of the bad behavior 

left Palm Ridge Commercial Crime Court today a liberated individual after the Specialized Commercial Crimes Unit dropped all charges against him and his better half 

For the beyond couple of months, the team stood blamed for duping the National Lotteries Commission of more than R1.5million, however after portrayals drove by Thovhakale of Thovhakale Attorneys to the National Prosecuting Authority the investigators concluded that Dr Tumi and his better half had no case to reply to. 

In their report, the excused Tumi and Kgaogelo Makweya. They demonstrated that after they had completely thought to be the portrayals considering the substance of the case agenda, the investigator's report in light of the portrayals just as current realities and conditions pertinent to the case the end is that the charges be unequivocally removed againstand his significant other. 

Because of the matter having had been sub judice, we were unable to remark on it From the beginning, we kept up with our blamelessness since we didn't do anything wrong. Giving ourselves over to the specialists was not a confirmation of culpability, but rather was keeping in mind law authorization offices and to permit equity to follow through to its logical end.

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