Sibling distributed a post on his Facebook page concerning how he fell basically sick however when he got to thirty seven Hospita

 He regretted how the specialists and medical caretakers totally disregarded him to a point where he saw his very life steadily however excruciating getting endlessly. As indicated by him, yet for offering an incentive of 2,000 Ghana cedis, he would have purchased the far The most irritating part is that he paid 2,000 Ghana Cedis as a pay off before he was worked on however the medical procedure it'self cost around 1,000 400 Ghana Cedis The pay off the attendants and specialists took prior to taking care of him was higher than whatever the public authority which claims the office made. This is a tactical emergency clinic where you anticipate that staff should be more focused. The least said about Korle Bu and others the better. 

At the point when Nana Ama McBrown was engaged with a mishap and her entire hand was hanging by a little tissue - nearly ripped off, she was left remaining at the medical clinic holding her draining appendage while her accomplice settled on decisions to check whether they could discover a specialist to work on her. 

Are you amazed If you are, then, at that point, it is on the grounds that unexpectedly early, you have failed to remember that an entire president, Prof Mills may his spirit find happiness in the hereafter was left lying in a vehicle at 37 Military Hospital. No one took care of him until they got wind that the vehicle was conveying the leader of Ghana. In the event that a president was dealt with this way, explain to me why you anticipate that they should treat you who went to the medical clinic in trotro and will pay with NHIS any better 

This nation is wiped out and brimming with charlatans. We are here supporting people of color matter. Our President even composed an excellent piece on the side of BLM and censure police severity in America yet we can't ascend against the abhorrent specialists and attendants who through debasement, carelessness and amateurish conduct have caused such countless individuals to tumble off the latrine or to be hit by a transport in the event that you like. 

The pitiful part is that, the issue I'm discussing now isn't an issue at just for some Ghanaians. The issue they rather have is Kwamehe likes blabbering. Normally, an enormous level of Ghanaians are moronic and undeniably challenging to comprehend. In any case, I have experienced their caring multitudinous occasions and have normally constructed a however skin over the long haul - the talking will proceed unabated. 

As a child, I knew about many strikes by specialists and medical attendants to request better states of administration. Today, I'm 43 years and we are for the most part mindful of the uncountable specialists and medical attendants strikes states have been gone up against with throughout the long term. Pretty much every time they strike, the public authority of the day satisfies their needs yet the greater part of them, not all,some are generally excellent are exceptionally underhanded individuals who deal with people like abominable creatures to the chariots of lords. At times, a helpless kicking the bucket individual is told there is no bed on the grounds that an emergency clinic staff has saved the bed for the people who can pay. In a similar emergency clinic where "the public authority is so evil" since it has neglected to give beds, simply offer an incentive and these "Okomfo Anokye" specialists and attendants will summon a bed from the skies like the brilliant stool. At the point when they see the cash, similar individuals who were disregarding you will start dealing with like you are the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In the wake of doing this to ourselves, we will all combine on customary and web-based media to fault the lawmaker. "NDC and NPP are something very similar.

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