Actress Selly Galley Pours Out Her Heart With A Birthday Wish To Her Husband.

 Actress Selly Galley Pours Out Her Heart With A Birthday Wish To Husband, Praye Tietia

Actress Selly Galley has showered her husband Praye Tietia with a few sweet words as he celebrates his birthday today, assuring him of the love she has for him and how thankful she is to be his spouse.

It’s the 43rd birthday of Praye Tietie and his lovely wife Selly Galley didn’t lose the chance to rub in our eyes the affection she has for him and also showered him with a few candy accolades classifying him as the maximum best spec of men saying she continues falling in love again and again with him as time by skip by.

According to Selly Gally, she loves the way her husband Praye Tietia loves her and constantly make her feel so unique praising him that he’s past requirements and this is her finest joy not forgetting to let him know that he’s unique bread for her and a real man among all men including that she can be able to love him forever because he’s the love of her life and her heartbeat as well.


The love that Selly Galley and Praye Tietia share is one that is enviable by a lot of people based on the photos and videos they share online and this post from Selly Galley will want you to have a female friend or wife just like her who will sing your praises always and remind you of the affection she has for you and not forgetting to comprehend you for all that you do for her. Happy birthday to Praye Tietia.

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