There is a thought that property of BUI and VRA must be combined – Energy Minister

Energy Minister Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh has informed the newly-constituted board of the Bui Power Authority (BPA) that there's a notion that in the future property of the authority and people of the Volta River Authority (VRA) have to be combined because the two establishments are of the equal water frame.

He said this in the course of the inauguration of the board of BPA on Friday September 3.

“Your mandate was amended to consist of renewable power, in truth you have the organization doing the largest utility task in the country up to now but your sister agency or your elder agency the VRA, already has the mandate and is able to do this in addition to combine the use of different forms of energy.

“There is a sturdy notion that because you are all the equal water body perhaps we should integrate all of your asset into one going forward, not now,” the Manhyia South lawmaker stated.

He in addition reminded the Board of BPA their function in supporting the authorities attain its goal withinside the energy sector.

He said “You are a key participant in not only supporting us producing energy in this country but additionally assembly our target in clean energy and renewable energy as far as the Paris Climate accord is concerned.

“Your function and growing your renewable energy footprint may be very a great deal in the proper direction.

“We additionally as a country want Bui Power to feature and function properly due to the fact they act as the counter stability to stabilize our countrywide grid system and so I was pleasantly satisfied while the Chief Executive now tells me for the last 12 months when we were struggling, all of a unexpected you've got got more water than you want.

“It means Bui Power Authority can start producing and contributing completely to the generation cycles in this country specifically now that as a part of the turbines we intermittently have hitches as to who can generate because there's a servicing of the Atuabo Gas Station and yours has emerge as very well timed but you need to control it for us so that at the least in the months of October we can be firing from all cylinders so that you can augment whet we want.

“That is a dialogue that I even have my director of power to have a discussion with VRA, BPA and GRIDCo to make sure that we don’t lose out as a country due to the fact Atuabo Gas Station processing plant is out.”

For is part, the newly-appointed Board Chair of the BPA, Professor Ameyaw Akumfi stated “On behalf of the just-inaugurated board of the Bui Power Authority, we need to explicit our appreciation to the president for the self assurance he has in us by appointing us as board contributors of the Bui Power Authority.

“We accept the task of being contributors of the board and we want to guarantee the president thru you to make make Bui Power Authority higher than we've come to fulfill it.

“We are very conscious of the truth that our predecessors have worked, they laid the foundation, ours is to maintain to construct it and make it higher than we're meeting it.

Source: 3news

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