The architects recognized a few deformities downstream which caused last Monday

A few Engineers in Koforidua have met under the support of the New Juaben South Municipal Assembly to assess the Ghc16 million Nsukwao seepage offices. 

The architects recognized a few deformities downstream which caused last Monday overwhelming flood. 

The Engineers have hence made proposals to the Contractor of the task and sent a report to the National Hydrology Center to assist with fixing the issue to deflect another debacle. 

In the mean time, the Assembly accepts had it not been the development of the Nsukwao Drainage office, the whole Koforidua municipality would have lowered last Monday considering the extent and volume of happy floods recorded in the Municipality. 

The Eastern Regional Capital, Koforidua recorded one more destroying flood on Monday, September 13, 2021, following not many long periods of weighty deluge. 

The two-hour precipitation what began around 4:00pm caused a blaze flood in pieces of the new Juaben South Municipality. 

Significant streets were overflowed hindering the free progression of traffic for a long time. 

Many homes and shops close to the Nsukwao waste office were additionally truly overflowed making harm numerous family properties and things being presented marked down in the shops 

A few houses and dividers imploded as the rising water overflew the recently built seepage framework and savagely entered the home to annihilate their properties. 

Numerous homegrown creatures especially canines, felines, sheep, goats, and hens were suffocated and moved by the floods. 

Some elderly people were protected to more secure spots by their families as the water levels reach nearly window level. 

The floods additionally out of control amounts of monies having a place with a portion of the people in question. 

Many occupants uprooted were seen rescuing their harmed things. 

A portion of the dislodged casualties dozed in vehicles with their families while others laid down with loved ones. 

The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on August 4, 2020, cut turf for the development of the GH¢15,811,145.00 Nsukwao Basin Drainage Project, in Koforidua under the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Program (GSCSP) of the World Bank to alleviate the perpetual flooding circumstance in the Municipality. 

The venture incorporated the establishment of four (4) storm water surface confinement lakes dispersed along the Nsukwao River, stream offices, channelization, and stream bank adjustment, substantial lines and ducts, and two access streets. 

Nonetheless, occupants influenced by the Monday floods are scrutinizing the nature of work done on the finished undertaking consequently approaching the World Bank and President Akufo Addo to research. 

For the people in question, the flood was the most noticeably awful in numerous many years. 

"Maybe the administration of the country isn't not kidding. This Nsukwao seepage is subsidized by the World Bank. So we were anticipating quality and great work, not this poor work. The advisor and project worker as opposed to breaking the old drain and develop another drain they didn't do that fairly did bank at only one side and it couldn't tackle the issue. Many individuals are destitute at this point" Stephen Akakpo said. 

Another inhabitant Michael Ofosu said "We thought this undertaking was to tackle the flooding circumstance however it has become most noticeably terrible. The worker for hire accomplished trashy work. They ought to have unearthed the drain to 15ft. For the beyond 50 years, we have not seen such a greatness of flooding around here. It has annihilated everything. President and world bank ought to examine this task

Juliana Asantewa, got away from death when the floods fell pieces of a room she was snoozing during the episode. 

"The flood fell my home and diverted all my monies about Ghc2,000 and that of my youngster's cash Ghc2, 500. I was in the room resting however all of abrupt I saw a piece of the structure falling; the floor water fiercely went into the room and diverted every one of my effects". She said while sobbing. 

A structural Engineer, Nii Addy, whose house was truly overflowed and a divider fell mourned that "the waste framework isn't very much built. I'm a structural Engineer so when they began this I told the MCE that this waste that they are doing there will cause us presently. However, they didn't tune in. He disclosed to me they have a specialist. This seepage framework has feeders - others going along with it, so you need to burrow this one down so every one of the feeders will come and go along with it to stream however they didn't treat it so harshly as that, they just left on one side so little rains cause flood". 

Ghateco School was likewise influenced by upsetting Academic work

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