Teachers should prepare the lesson notes from the new curriculum online – africantrendtv


Richard Nyamah, deputy director of communications for the New Patriotic Party (PNP), noted that teachers are the center of learning in the classroom. Even if students don't have textbooks, they can prepare online notes based on the new curriculum.

 Domestic. He said that if all students across the country don't have textbooks for the new curriculum, they can still have textbooks to teach students. When asked if teachers in certain areas of the country face Internet challenges, Mr. Nyamah said that the government has provided WiFi services to most of the country's middle schools.

 Mr. Nyamah said that the lack of textbooks in the new curriculum is not as terrible as people think. There are no hard copies of the new courses, but hard copies still exist on the Internet. He pointed out that in the primary stage, students do not have the ability to read and understand, so before they learn to read and understand, it is the teacher who leads them to learn. 

Mr.Nyamah said that having a printed textbook for every child does not necessarily mean that it will improve their ability to learn better. He said that what is important to him is that the information is available on the Internet and that the teachers are very adaptable, so he is sure that they are making the most of existing resources.

 Nyamah said in an interview with Johnnie Hughes on TV3's New Day program on Monday, September 6. His answer was that two years after the introduction of the new curriculum in the country, the education department lacked textbooks for the new curriculum.

 "The teacher is the center of the learning process, so if from now on all children don't have copies and the teacher can use them, they can still prepare class notes and follow the syllabus. If he (the teacher) has his backpack, I said He can prepare and teach his students," he said on a new day.

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