Perhaps the best surveyor in Ghana Ephson hosts charged political gatherings to put more in preparing


Perhaps the best surveyor in Ghana Ephson hosts charged political gatherings to put more in preparing surveying station specialists to successfully screen decisions. 

His recommendation follows Tuesday's remark by previous President John Mahama that the 2024 political race will be a "sink or swim issue" at the surveying stations. 

Addressing the media, Ephson said: "In case you are an ideological group and you proceed to take a half-taught individual who has no connection to your party and you tell the individual I will give you GHS200 to be my surveying station specialist" 

"You give him GHS100 and disclose to him that toward the day's end, you will present to him an extra GHS100, at 2:30pm your rival at the surveying station gives him twofold what you guaranteed him and they request that he sign the pink sheet and leave prior to casting a ballot closures and he does it, for what reason will you be crying?" 

Ephson added: "That is their main event, so you don't have to kill anyone, you simply need to prepare 50,000 … in case it's 45000 surveying stations, 5,000 on backups. 

The Managing Editor for Daily Dispatch, Mr. Ben Ephson has encouraged the previous President John Dramani Mahama to rather enlist individuals who are faithful and knowledgeable in appointive cycles at surveying stations the nation over and quit giving a danger that it would be 'Sink or swim' issue at the surveying stations in 2024 general races. 

"So it's anything but an issue of kicking the bucket at the surveying station, yet it involves getting an informed surveying specialist" 

"You can ensure your voting forms at the surveying station without kicking the bucket" he forewarned, 

Mr. Ben Ephson helped administration to remember the New Patriotic Party and National Democratic Congress to put their time and assets in tracking down a legitimate component including utilizing individuals who might defend their advantage in guaranteeing that the voting booths at the different surveying stations would be secured. 

"Assuming you get races, you will realize that if Nana Akufo chooses to make his sibling the official of the constituent commission or John Mahama chooses to make his sibling Ibrahim Mahama the discretionary Commissioner. You would not be requested in light of the fact that the eating of the pudding is at the surveying station," he pushed 

He noted it was too soon for lawmakers to begin taking part in such matters, demanding that it was not suitable opportunity to participate in such chitchats.

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