Over the course of the end of the week a group of six barely evaded suffocating at Oyefo subsequent to annihilating

 Networks in New Juaben South keep on encountering annihilating flooding in the midst of the discontinuous weighty storm. 

Over the course of the end of the week a group of six barely evaded suffocating at Oyefo subsequent to annihilating floods Friday evening which lowered streets in the Municipality while floodwaters from the recently developed 16 million cedis Nsukwao Basin seepage office kept on flooding homes downstream. 

An Elder of The Church of Pentecost, Elder Frimpong Daniel, his better half and four kids including their kid Level 200 understudy of KNUST almost suffocated when two streams in the space overflew its banks. 

Their four-room house was abruptly overwhelmed catching the family in the room. 

Senior Frimpong Daniel said he accumulated the fortitude to protect the spouse and youngsters to a house on the higher ground as he stumbled through the flood which arrived at stomach level. 

We give most prominent on account of God for saving our lives particularly my child Stanley I had a go at sending the two young ladies away to a neighbor house from that point onward, I attempted to convey my better half on the shoulder so we can escape As we were going the kid was following us and almost suffocated yet God being soo acceptable I figured out how to safeguard him Elder Frimpong Daniel said. 

Family properties, Personal things books and different Academic authentications annihilated. 

We have been hanging around for the beyond 15 years however we have never noticed such a flood. This is the best flood to be recorded here. We have lost all that the main thing left are the dresses we were wearing 

Another casualty, Asare Adjei portrayed that the floodwaters caught him, the spouse and five kids in their room as it expanded to window level and went into the rooms obliterating their properties. 

For Kwadwo Fred who was seen with the family rescuing their lost things, last Friday's flood was extraordinary nearby. 

In the interim authorities of the National Disaster Management Organization had not visited the casualties for evaluation and backing. 

Anyway The Church of Pentecost has helped gotten a fleeting convenience for Elder Frimpong Daniel and their Family.

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