Evangelist captured by Police for directing privately fabricated cannabis candy

The thirty year old Kukurantumi base Evangelist captured by Police for directing privately fabricated cannabis candy to his  forty three year old ex has been charged for having opiate drugs in opposition to area 5(1) of the and Administering Narcotic medication on individual in spite of segment of the.

The charged individual Evangelist Samuel Ofosu assumed name Akora Nyame dwells in Kukurantumi while the person in question name retained is a dealer and lives in Koforidua in the Eastern Region 

The Prosecuting Officer Chief Inspector Owusu Ababio told the Court that, on August 6, 2021, the charged welcomed the casualty to his home to help him to get ready for his mom's burial service. 

On August 8, 2021, at about 7:00 pm the casualty went to the charged individual's home with her two kids matured 7 and 10years. 

A couple of hours after the fact, the charged Evangelist inquired as to whether she frequently endures cerebral pains which she replied in the certifiable. 

He recommended a supposed natural medication he purchased from Kumasi which he asserted is adequate for migraines. 

He out of nowhere turned off the light, and directed three cannabis consumable confections to the casualty consistently, and in this manner controlled a powdered substance twice to the casualty under her tongue to swallow. 

A couple of moments later, the casualty began responding seriously to the results of the substances by encountering sickness and spewing in the midst of tumult and uneasiness. 

She began shouting for help compelling her two kids who were dozing in an alternate space to race to their mom trying to offer assistance however the denounced shouted at them, pursued, and secured them their room. 

The blamed Evangelist Samuel Ofosu locked the entryway with a secret word keeping the casualty from passing on the space to look for help. 

At about 12:00midnight, the blamed asserted he was taking the casualty to the medical clinic however on arriving at the Police snap designated spot at Kukurantumi, the casualty answered to the police her difficulty which caused his capture. 

The casualty was raced to the Community clinic, Kukurantumi while the blamed was confined in police care. 

Police examiners later led a hunt in the blamed individual's room which some for the palatable cannabis confections were recovered with a substance suspected to be an opiate drug was found in his closet along with various substances in a comparable compartment. 

During cross examination, the blamed conceded controlling three out for four cannabis-injected confections to the person in question and furthermore gave her a snuff. 

The casualty whose condition crumbled was alluded to Eastern Regional Hospital in Koforidua however later alluded to Korle-Bu for additional treatment. 

He has been remanded by a Koforidua Circuit Court to return sometime in the future

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