I am in a situation and I need the inform with respect to the house

  Need to stay unknown, I am in a situation and I need the inform with respect to the house. I'm locked in to be hitched this coming December. We began with significant distance relationship and attempted to stay in contact by WhatsApp video calls each day. He was in Abuja while I was in Lagos. He additionally visited like once in a few months as well. 

Presently, we had out commitment last month and he welcomed me to come go through my yearly leave with him in Abuja. This is the first occasion when I would go through over an end of the week with him. What's more, a couple of things have happened that is making me stress. 

Along these lines, I think I am starting to think my life partner says a certain something and expects another and its truly disappointing for me. For instance, we had our first significant squabble when I came to remain with him over food, s*x and cash. Furthermore, I read some place that the 2 significant purposes behind separate is s*x and cash. 

What happened was this: we have not had s*x since we been dating yet when I came to remain with him, he began compelling me for s*x. That is to say, this isn't the first occasion when we have dozed in a similar bed. At the point when he visits me in Lagos or I visit him before for end of the week, we simply just kiss and touch… we consented to stand by till after marriage. 

That was the reason I wouldn't fret consenting to come go through my one month yearly leave with him in Abuja. In any case, following a couple of long stretches of remaining with him, the strain to have s*x turned out to be to such an extent. He began beseeching me… that the more he sees me ordinary, he cannot hold himself. He said we have even done commitment, the two families realize we are getting hitched in December, plans are in top stuff… so why stand by? 

All my contention about holding up on the grounds that we are Christians left the window. He said even God perceive commitment… that its comparable to marriage… he began to convey face and for two days didn't address me… he even took steps to go out and lay down with different young ladies… that there are numerous women kicking the bucket to lay down with him, that my self-importance is excessively. 

Mama, His eyes were red when he was talking… I resembled… who is this? Is it the very quiet person that I have known for just about 2 years? I nearly needed to leave the next day yet when I told my companion, she advised me to permit him in light of the fact that my life partner is a hero and he has shown obligation to our relationship. That 

Furthermore, that is the means by which we began having s*x and he is so glad… however I feel like I let myself down and despite the fact that I appreciate having intercourse with my life partner… I actually wish we stood by one way or another, the fervor I was working for wedding night is by all accounts gone. 

Also, I discovered that my life partner is extremely hesitant with regards to food. We fought regarding that. I'm not a food individual … so I like to ask him what he needs to eat while I was remaining with him… and he will consistently say… anything… that he will eat anything I get ready however I discovered that I arranged a dish he is curious about with, he won't eat it and that truly irritated me. 

I made plantain porridge for me. I endeavored to make its it so rich and yummy and he took a gander at it once and said: yuck ..what is this, I cannot eat that… .its smelling (I utilized ogiri neighborhood flavor). That hurt me. The following time I went through my whole day cooking ofe owerri for him. In the event that you realize that it is so monotonous to make that soup, you will comprehend… and think about what… my life partner didn't eat it. 

His powerlessness to decide on food baffles me and when I make a special effort to make him a delicacy that I invest energy and cash to make and he dismisses it… its making me insane. I have made plans to make him just rice and next thing he began saying its solitary rice I make … .that dont I realize how to cook something else… na wa o… is this what I will look in the marriage until the end of time? 

Ultimately: we squabble over cash alot. We both know what each other brings in however how we go through our cash is consistently a reason for fight. In the event that I purchase hairpiece or something he considers materialistic, he flips and says I am squandering cash yet its what I like. I like costly things. On his part, he jumps at the chance to burn through cash on games wagering and I feel that is betting. 

Indeed, he wins a few wagers however when he loses, he doesn't advise me and when I discover, I go off the deep end. Thus, I advised him to permit me save 40% of his compensation for him which he concurred after much contention. In this way, consistently, he will send 40% of his compensation to me to put something aside for him. Yet, fourteen days prior, he advised me to give him the cash which I have been putting something aside for him which has gotten like 2.3 Million. 

I asked him for what… he said he expected to add to pay for the vehicle he is purchasing. I'm mindful he is intending to purchase a vehicle. I hesitantly gave him the cash since it nearly transformed into battle once more. Last weekend, he should come see me in Lagos however he didn't. I asked him what occurred, he said he would not like to reveal to me that he was poor. I revealed to him that he might have asked me for cash na. 

That was the point at which he separated and apologized to me for misleading me. That he took the 2.3M I gave him and he make a 5M bet which he lost. Mama, at this point, my head was turning. I just hung up on the telephone with him and since over the course of the end of the week… I have been pondering my existence with this man. 

Is this how we will be hitched? He will say a certain something and do another? Are there different connections like mine that are effective or are these a significant warning? Is my life partner unsteady for sure? My companion says its correspondence issue however its appears to be more than that to me… I think its his character and I don't know whether I can live with such character or would i be able to figure out how to adapt

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