I am confounded on what to do in my relationship "I need exhortation

 If it's not too much trouble, keep me mysterious, I am confounded on what to do in my relationship "I need exhortation. I met Michael two years prior. By that time,he had separated from his better half for just about 5 years. They have 2 children. 

Mike was truly into me,showered me with adoration and everything. I mean,I have been in a few connections and none made very as glad as Mike. I was truly doubtful about dating not to mention wedding a divorced person yet Mike was unique. 

He caused me to feel so glad. We hung out and we went on heartfelt excursions consistently. I was truly deeply inspired. I used to ask why Mike split from his significant other cos he appeared to be an exceptionally sweet man. 

I didn't need to ponder. Mike's ex's family didn't uphold their marriage cos the two of them come from various towns. In Igbo land,there is an old rank framework called Osu and Mike is from a town where they were viewed as pariah in the former times. 

Mike and his ex met in America and got hitched against his ex's folks wishes. That caused them to have numerous issues. The ex dad cut her off from their family and the pressing factor was a lot of that they ultimately needed to isolate. 

As per Mike,the ex endured sorrow and continually faulted him for her issues with her family. Unusual story right? I was unable to accept a particularly insane thing occurring in the 21st century. Mike venerates his 2 children and they come go through occasions with him from America or he goes to see them twice consistently. 

I met the children and I needed to truly have children with Mike. However, I needed to get hitched first. Mike said he cherished me and would need to wed me yet that I need to give him time cos of his children. That the separation was difficult for them. He needs them to be as long as 10 years of age before he gets hitched once more. 

The children are 7 and 5 when we met. I resembled well… that isn't excessively long. Furthermore, I was truly glad. Indeed, even my folks were content with Mike. He worshiped me. Last year,I got pregnant. It was not arranged however I got pregnant and Mike was excited. I revealed to him I would not keep the kid cos I needed to be hitched first before pregnancy. 

Mike implored me to comprehend. That he made a guarantee to his children and his ex. That he needs them to be more seasoned prior to disclosing to them he is continuing on to wed another person. I comprehend he venerates his children however I never longed for having a child outside wedlock. So Mike consented to do marriage presentation basically which we did. 

I had my child this January and God favored us with a wonderful child kid. Like I said,Mike was thrilled yet after like a month,Mike and I began having issues. We would squabble about unstable stuff and I saw he turned out to be exceptionally troubled and the solitary thing that I could stick point was that: something wasn't right with his children. 

How I presumed was:before,Mike would call them in my essence or pick their calls. Be that as it may, now,he passes on the space to call or pick their calls. I scrutinized his peculiar conduct and he said he doesn't need his youngsters to realize we had a child. That sounded egotistical to me since when I got pregnant,he disclosed to me he told the children and they were glad. 

Now,he said he misled satisfy me. That the children actually believe were are simply dating. I consented to shroud our relationship cos of his guarantee to his children yet I won't conceal my pregnancy. That truly made me truly irritated. So I chose to call the children without my life partner knowing. 

At the point when I called the oldest,she was so glad to see me. I asked after her mom and she revealed to me Mommy is having a baby,we are so glad. A baby,I asked her,is her mother remarried or dating,she said,no… my folks are back together,my mother is pregnant for daddy. 

My life halted for a few seconds. At the point when Mike got back,I asked him and he just separated and began requesting my pardoning. He said it was an error. He went there for Christmas last year and they had s*x. Presently she is pregnant and needs to keep the child. Ha… so,what regarding the thing the girl said about them getting back together,he said they are not reuniting … simply that they kids figure a child will bring back the two guardians. 

I'm truly confounded. Mike has broken my trust. I feel so deceived by a man I trusted to such an extent. Needed nothing to do with a divorced person cos I never needed their things however here I am,not even wedded yet presently a child mom for a man who just got his ex pregnant. 

Now,how am I certain they are even separated? Mike showed me legal documents and swears he isn't returning to her yet I actually feel hurt and my first response is to leave a lot him to sort his wreck. I simply feel so pitiful. How would I bring up my child alone? I never needed to be a single parent. 

Furthermore, now,Mike calls his ex regularly. He says he is just minding her to ensure she is alright. That the spouse knows about me and she realizes I have a child and she doesn't plan to come in the middle of us. My folks are so upset and demand Mike wedding me right away,Mike has said,our marriage will be next year,when his first kid turns 10. 

I couldn't say whether I need to wed him any longer cos he cheated with his ex. That lady will everlastingly be in our lives. Imagine a scenario where he continues to lay down with all her occasions he goes to visit the children in America. 

Mike is currently jumpy. He actually will not call his children in my presence,which makes me presume him more. We are continually having contentions cos of this. I feel so miserable. His ex is expected in September,Mike needs to venture out to be with her during the birth. What is this disastrous situation? 

My folks are encouraging me to relax … so as not to drive Mike back into the arms of his ex… however to me,he is as of now back to her… abi… for what other reason did they have s*x and she got pregnant for him? What more am I holding back to get in this relationship? A guarantee of marriage for the following year? 

Furthermore, consider the possibility that one year from now comes and he doesn't wed me… What do I do. Mike says I dont trust him and that I ought to show restraint cos no marriage can work without trust. Now,he is causing it to appear as though I am the one with the issue. That I ought to pardon him and trust him. 

Will I not be a bonehead to keep on believing Mike's words after how he dealt with me

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