He married the woman and they have three kids "but he stays in kaduna because of insecurities


He married the woman and they have three kids "but he stays in kaduna because of insecurities, the wife stays in Abuja with the kids, he opened a business for her, with 5million but anytime she wants to buy wears or even sleepers or even earrings for the kids she will ask him to bring money.

They have 3 girls and 1 boy but she always cut the girls hair because she doesn’t want to bring money for plating, when he had operation and the doctor told him that before they will commence operation the should bring 1000k, he quickly ask the wife if she could borrow him 100000k, the woman quickly said she don’t have any money on her. So he reached her bag and saw 150000k in her bag, when he confronted her. She said she doesn’t know the money was there.

This man told me that one of his child that died, a boy, he said the boy looked like his wife elder brother. That when people where talking, telling him that this child, it as if he is not the father, he then confronted the woman and threatened her , she then confessed that it’s was once that her brother slept with her that it was a mistake.

Again, even when her brother came back from abroad he gave her one powerful wine, to give to her husband she refused to collect the wine, she said no need, he told me that the last time he visited his wife he found out that she is having an affair, she dose not encourage him to do investment, all she dose is to pack his money to her father ‘s house.

Everybody in his family hates the woman now. When he was narrating this to me I even cried,like how will a woman be so heartless. Nawa o, the guy is the nicest person I ever come across, he is everything a woman will pray for , he is so rich, God fearing and down to earth, I have never seen some body as good as him, he said he wants to marry me.

That it’s me he likes, he told me he is no longer together with her , that I should please marry him, I told him to give me little time, I really like him but I need advice, so I want you guys to advice me. This man has been through alot, I am really confused. Will he be a good fit for me with all that I have known about him

This man forgive her. he even told me that he lost his daughter last year because the woman took their daughter to the hospital, they told her the bill and she called him for the hospital bill, he told her to use her money that will give her the money back, because he was having problem sending the money to her due to network from his bank

I wanna stay anonymous, Pls I have something that is bothering me, there’s this guy that I started dating since last year , when I meet him he told me of how his mother forced him to marry this woman, that he doesn’t love, because the woman stays in the same village with the mother.

The woman will come and cook for The mother, even buy provision for her, then will give the mother money when she want to go. The woman is older than him, the mother even went ahead to pack her things to the Bush to die if he did not marry the woman, she pack her things to go n die in the bush the first time but he didn’t accept, until she did it.

This woman refused saying she doesn’t have any money, while he was trying to send the money that was how the girl died in the hospital, and then he said he will not marry again. Her people came to plead with him ,and he forgave her. He also told me that when ever she comes to visit him she will be stealing his money, and anytime she wants to buy something for like 5k, she would tell him it’s 10k

The third time, and she reviled him , that any lady that he will wed won't ever have kids for him and in any event, when she have children they will bite the dust, aside from he wed the lady that she decided for him, so he at long last wedded the lady since he would not like to lose his mom.

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