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Organizers of Volta DJ Awards - IPADDY NETWORK has released a public notice on the 13/07/2021.  

Africantrendtv correspondent and Editor Krystal Showbiz, has it detailed in the blog below.
AT early week updates.

Volta DJ Awards 2021

Organizers of, Volta DJ Awards and it’s yet to unveil board wishes to inform the general public, most especially DJs, that  Volta DJ Award 2021 will be coming off this year in a more improved and grand style.

 In that accord ,organizers wish to inform the public of creation of a new selection/academy board that will see to selection of nominees and serve as major decision body for the scheme. 

The board consist of top industry players who have more insight in DJing and sounds. 

The second edition will also see amendment of categories done in consultation with the Academy Board.

 More develop activities to suit DJs and their fans, in build up to the grand finale and also see a more  intensive communication between the DJs, organizers and the board; through educative seminars and some other fun packed activities.

Press Release 

Volta DJ Awards,Press Release

The second edition will stand on it’s theme, in accordance to works and development seen year under review; "#modernDJ".

The board and organizers wish to re-assure the public that, the second edition will be fair, firm and transparent as we embark on celebrating and honoring hard work. 

Thank you.

Writer : Krystal Showbiz

Source: Volta DJ Awards - Organizers

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