Stonebwoy Unveils His True Identity-Africantrendtv

 Stonebwoy Has Place fear in his fans ⋟ Africantrendtv.

Stonebwoy's new flyer

The multiple Award winning Artist stonebwoy has Publicly shown himself with the illuminati symbol as it's shadow. What does that mean?,we could have been asking our selves by now.

Could this be a way of getting attention or it's real? There rised a lot of questions asked by 3,000 people today.We are not here to confirm or not !

But we all know in the world today is , the illuminati is one of the strongest groups on Earth which has a lot of people in it, which they all must post the image of the god they worship.


Stonebwoy once said; what you don't see , is the truth about me . Nothing comes free and easy. You will pay for the price here or there


Stonebwoy was seen with the illuminati symbol, that can be he is part or just trying to find away of making him stay in the system for long,by using this thing to get people talk about him.

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