Read: 10 reasons why being religious,is a great initiative.

Religion holds great secrets, revelations,the key to the gate of life, as explained and understand by the various religions we had

My greatest fear is, losing our dignity to the “ New World Order ”, which the integrity our forefathers built through togetherness in a true religious furfillment , might be clashed down by the evil deeds of  NWO.

Do you agree with me? If yes keep reading and deep-rooted informations are provided below to ensure of " it's not a mistake to be religious" - africantrendtv.

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 religions in the world now

The world has changed and majority of the people, follow trends no matter what,where it may lead them.  - Elorm Dodonu.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should hold close to your religion:

Last Updated: 28th February,2021

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