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 The World Health Organization comes out with facts,that are correctly common untrue rumors about covid-19 ⋟ Africantrendtv. 

Covid-19 vaccines

In the first variants of the covid-19 pandemic, false facts and practices were intensely used for the curement of the pandemic, which scientist and Health related institutions denied of been of cure.

These facts come from the World Health Organization (WHO) African Region. These are the common untrue rants about covid-19.

  • Hydroxychloroquine hasn't been proven to cure or treat it.
  • Heat and humidity don't stop it's spread. 
  • Vitamin and minerals supplements won't cure it.
  • When properly worn medical masks, won't make you breathe in two little oxygen or too much carbon dioxide.
  • Drinking alcohol won't prevent or cure it.
  •  Consuming bleach or disinfectant is too dangerous and won't prevent it.
  • Eating garlic doesn't prevent or cure it.
  • Young people can get the virus too.
  • Antibiotics can't treat or prevent it.
  • Pneumonia vaccines don't prevent it at all.
  • 5G net network don't spread it.
  • Older people aren't the only ones at risk for it.
Heat and humidity don't stop it's spread in africa.
The best way is to stay limited to the world rules of covid-19 safety protocols.
Also, the older people aren't the only ones at risk too, we need to keep our young ones too safe.

Stay safe through out the covid-19 pandemic season. - Africantrendtv.

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